Fit For Purpose On Demand Services for the African Consumer

SafeMotos is a ride hailing and on demand services platform designed specifically for urban Africa’s affluent, middle and bottom of the pyramid classes. Recognized as one of Africa’s most innovative startups, SafeMotos consolidates multiple on demand services together in one smartphone application with services linked together by a common physical logistics network of motorcycle and car drivers.

About SafeMotos

Launched in Rwanda in 2015 by roommates Barrett Nash and Peter Kariuki after participating in an international startup accelerator, SafeMotos was conceived as an Uber for African motorcycle taxis that uses telematic data to measure real time driver safety.

With four years experience and more than 400,000 trips ordered in SafeMotos initial market Kigali, SafeMotos is now launching as a first mover in on demand and ride hailing services in Kinshasa, Africa’s third largest city.

SafeMotos is a champion of African startup ecosystem with its work recognized by the Guardian, the Economist, Apple, National Geographic, BBC, CNN, Le Monde and others.


Transportation in African cities is inconvenient, low security and informal. Getting from Point A to Point B is either dangerous or impossible due to a lack of available services.

SafeMotos, at a per city level, consolidates informal drivers building them into a coherent logistics backbone. Any service that involves movement, including car taxis, motorcycle taxis and delivery services benefit from the network efficiency of having all drivers on one platform. Customers benefit by being able to access a series of complementary services from a single smartphone application.

SafeMotos is working towards multiple on the United Nations Sustainable Development goals including building a safer taxi experience (SDG 11), developing a local technology industry (SDG 9), increasing taxi driver economic productivity through technology (SDG 8) and enabling female’s to become taxi drivers (SDG 5).

Contact Us

Rwanda: Gikondo Business Center, KK 31 Ave, Kigali
Ireland: 12 South Mall, Centre Cork, T12 RD43