Barrett Nash
CEO, Cofounder
A natural entrepreneur, Nash has worked with some of Africa’s most ambitious projects like CMU-Africa and MIT Media Lab’s One Laptop Per Child program.
Peter Kariuki
CTO, Cofounder
One of East Africa’s best software developers, Peter has been building technical solutions for African transportation challenges since he was a teenager.
Morgan Rees
COO, acting CFO
With fifteen years experience building companies across the developing world, Morgan understands the combination of discipline and innovation necessary to succeed in Africa.
Clive Irambona
Head of Driver Quality
With one of the deepest understanding of motorcycle driver culture in Africa, Clive is leading the quality control mechanisms to incentivize drivers to deliver a positive customer experience.
Eric Nshimiyimana
Head of Marketing and Customer Satisfaction
Easily one of Rwanda's best marketers, Eric bridges technologically enabled marketing techniques with localized strategies. He feels and understands customer pain.
Erick Joseph
Director of Family Wallet
Having won both Tigo's Reach 4 Change and Bank of Kigali's Urumuri Initiative on behalf of SafeMotos, Joseph is leading the driver financial technology services arm of SafeMotos.
Tomasz Stysial
Backend Developer
When not showing off his Polish dancing, Tomasz is working on building the SafeMotos backend databases and services to run faster, more consistently and with little downtime.
Tomasz Kulpa
Mobile & Backend Developer
Skilled mobile and backend developer that has been writing tests and rewriting apps to native. Tomasz understands SafeMotos systems after having been integral to building a large number of them.
Sandrine Nikuze
Head of SafeMotos Institute
Sandrine leads SafeMotos cooperation with the SafeMotos Institute, a New York based 501(c)3 Non Profit. Her current initiatives are creating the first cohort of female motorcycle taxi drivers in Rwanda and raising awareness of SafeMotos activities.
Vitalii Obideiko
Mobile Lead Developer
Someone who gets the job done professionally, on time and with no fuss, Vitalli has been working on completely rewriting the SafeMotos app to be native for iOS and Android.
Aimable Hategekimana
Driver Services Coordinator
With good cheer and hard work, Aimable is the front facing SafeMotos staff member handling driver management and issues.
Jolly Joe
With good cheer and always providing a solution, Jolly manages the task of understanding how to make a startups accounts work in Rwanda.
Uberewe Beatha
Office Manager and Bookkeeper
The person who quite literally keeps the lights on, Beatha works enormously hard to keep SafeMotos accounts up to date and the office running smoothly.
Eric Rugeruza
Office Keeper and Chef
Eric's lunchs keep the entire SafeMotos staff going all day, while he has transformed the office into a workplace that team members can excel at.