Update: SafeMotos is Expanding into Kinshasa

The management of SafeMotos is excited to announce that we are expanding into Kinshasa, Africa’s third largest city. We will be building an logistics backbone of on demand transportation services. Watch this space for more information

We’re professionalizing one of the worlds largest cottage industries: African informal taxis

SafeMotos is a highly localized ride hailing platform for Africa’s ten billion USD informal taxi market. Taking a segmented approach, SafeMotos only targets trips where it provides sufficient customer value to be profitable at a per trip level.

We firmly believe we’re farther ahead than anyone in technonology on cracking the African consumer.

Launched in Rwanda in 2015 by roommates Barrett Nash and Peter Kariuki after participating in an international startup accelerator, SafeMotos was conceived as an Uber for African motorcycle taxis that uses telematic data to measure real time driver safety.

With more than two million trips taken by SafeMotos drivers in Rwanda’s capital Kigali, SafeMotos has successfully monetised 10% of total trips, with more than 50% of trips paid via mobile money and other cashless functionality. Due to successful product segmentation every SafeMotos trip is unit economic positive, proving customer demand and willingness to pay for a differentiated product.

SafeMotos is a champion of the African startup ecosystem with its work recognized by National Geographic, the Guardian, the Economist, BBC, CNN and LeMonde among others.

It has been invested in by SOSv, Zephyr Management Limited Partners and received funding from the GSMA Innovation Fund.


About SafeMotos

Transportation in Africa is unprofessional, informal and often unsafe; yet, the sector is growing rapidly alongside mass urbanization and economic growth. Car taxis, motorcycle taxis and three wheeler taxis are key people movers across the continent as mass transit systems are inadequate and cars financially unaffordable.

SafeMotos at a per city level consolidates informal drivers, increasing professionalism by giving higher value per trip and forcing them to deliver improved service and safety by telematically monitoring the driver’s road behaviour and having drivers follow strict levels of standardisation and quality assurance.

SafeMotos has identified and created specific products and solutions tailored to customer segments:

-Direct pickup, for customers wanting convenience
-Night time trips, for customers wanting a safe, registered and tracked driver during dangerous evening hours
-Employee transport, for employees of businesses that use motorcycle transport for work related activities
-Female drivers, for female customers who don’t want to be driven by a man
-Driver financial services, enabling drivers to handle their finances more effectively
-Product delivery, building off of SafeMotos logistics network to deliver goods directly to customers
-Business subsidized trips, where SafeMotos users take free or subsidized trips to business partners who are paying to acquire SafeMotos customers from the SafeMotos platform



The African motorcycle taxi industry, with somewhere between 6 & 7 million motorcycle taxis, is a circa US$10 billion per annum market growing at double digits with the rapid urbanisation and economic growth of African cities. 

When combined with the increase in appreciation of consumer brands and by 2020 with over 725 million people will be connected to mobile services with two thirds on broadband connections, the market is delivering SafeMotos a ready user base ripe for monetisation. 

Expansion Plan:
SafeMotos is a global innovation leader in how to grow ridesharing companies on a shoestring with positive unit economics and products local customers love to use.

Initially focused on the motorcycle taxi market, the SafeMotos platform and product approach can naturally be applied to the 3 wheelers taxi (tuk-tuks / Bajaj) and car taxi market depending upon local market dynamics. 

SafeMotos has a two phase approach towards expansion:
1) Direct entry, for markets where SafeMotos as a brand, product and story is a strong fit.
2) Entry via licensing its business system and technologies to partners, for markets where enabling local partners with a business in a box will be able to leverage partners local story, community connection, customer knowledge and government connections.

Our expansion plan is complemented by a plan of strategic partnerships and distribution arrangements with mobile operators, equipment providers, financing companies, fuel companies and other aligned third parties.

Social Impact:
Increasing the safety of every trip on the SafeMotos platform is a core part of SafeMotos mission. Safety is measured by pulling telematic data from driver’s smartphones and ranking driver quality via insurance industry algorithms.

Currently in the accreditation process to become a B-Corp, SafeMotos is building a safer taxi experience (SDG 11),  developing a local technology industry (SDG 9), increasing taxi driver economic productivity through technology (SDG 8) and enabling female’s to become taxi drivers (SDG 5).

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