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80% of accidents in Kigali involve motos


Our driver's are equipped with smartphones that send data on how they drive. With more than 500,000 kilometers tracked the system works: we can tell a safe driver from an unsafe driver, then only connect you to drivers who meet our high standards.

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Why SafeMotos?
Let's hear it from cofounders Peter and Nash
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We aren't just a startup

We're tackling Africa's second biggest killer

After HIV/AIDS traffic fatalities are Africa's second biggest killer. In Rwanda, a motorist is 700 times more likely to be killed in an accident than in the UK. That isn't a typo, 700 times. In Kigali 80% of accidents involve motorcycle taxis.

Let's hack this bullshit

Global deaths compared to HIV/AIDS (source WHO)

Road traffic accidents (poor, middle income countries) 90%
Tuberculosis 62%
Malaria 35%

A startup, not an NGO

Wanna see our ping pong table?

Let's give delight

Let's scale

Let's have a real business model

  • Work

    Drivers are our partners and friends. Giving them a ladder to the middle class is a part of SafeMotos core. They have a wicked sense of humor.

  • Work

    Clive: Driver Management Coordinator: Wonderfully cranky, he knows moto drivers better than anyone in Rwanda. clive@safemotos.com

  • Work

    Nash: cofounder/ceo/wannabehacker: Works hard to keep the bank full and not get in anyone with a real job’s way. nash@safemotos.com

  • Work

    Peter: cofounder/cto/hacker: guy dreams in code, he’s a techno poet but we’re still figuring out what that means. peter@safemotos.com

  • Work

    Emmanuel / Francine / Alex / Aimable: interns: we poached all the best students from Kigali’s most innovative university.

  • Work

    Eric: Marketing / Customer Satisfaction Coordinator: Customers pain is his pain. Reads ‘Delivering Happiness’ for fun. eric@safemotos.com


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